The league, by definition, is an excellence and a form of gaining reputation.

Our objectives and duties as “leaders league” are to assure a memory of leadership and distinction.

Founder word

Joining leadership through a league can be improved successfully when the past, present and future are identified and defined together under one entity.


To explore the potentials that can rarely be distinguished and promote positive achievements identifying the progressive action of the leaders' achievements.

Our dedication is to set a creative approach towards exploiting the benefits of the leaders’ success in the exceptionally high standard program especially made to reflect a flourishing mission to whom joins the league.

COO engagement

Our duty as "Leaders League" is to assure a memory that you can count on.


Ashrafieh,Sioufi, Str.

Tawkatly bldg. 1th Floor Beirut-Lebanon
Tel: 961-1- 201670

Social Media

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